Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods

Valid International


This is an interactive multimedia resource kit developed as a documentation of Valid International’s Workshop on Coverage Assessment Methods held at Jesus College, Oxford on the 27th to the 28th of March 2012 (for NGOs) and 29th to the 30th of March 2012 (for funders / UN).

Navigating the Resource Kit

This resource kit utilises a web interface but was designed to be viewed locally without the need for internet connection. So, for those of you who have experience viewing websites online, this resource kit can be navigated through easily just like any other website except that you don’t need to be on the internet. Simply click on the links and you will be able to view the various pages containing the various components of the kit. If you need to go to a particular page, simply click on the page name on the tabs above or if you want to go back to a previously viewed page, simply click on the back button found on the upper left hand side of your web browser.

Reading the Report

This multimedia report can be viewed on both Windows and Macintosh computer platforms with the following software installed:

  1. any web browser (Firefox® or Safari® recommended);

  2. ADOBE® Reader® (for viewing PDF documents);

  3. ADOBE® Flash® player 10 or higher (for viewing multimedia presentations).

Most computers that have a web browser installed have  ADOBE® Reader® and Flash® player installed as plugins. However, if you do not have a web browser or if you are unable to open PDF files and/or view the multimedia presentations in this kit, you will have to install a web browser and the required plugins.

Viewing Documents

All documents accessible in this kit are in portable document file (PDF) format unless otherwise specified. To be able to access these files, we recommend that you download and install the latest free version of ADOBE® Reader® from the ADOBE® website. While other PDF reading software is available, ADOBE® Reader® provides a number of features that improves access for users.

To view the PDF documents in this kit, simply click on their links and the documents will open on the current web browser window from which you can read through the document or save the document to a specified location for you to read later. Once done reading or saving the document, click the back button on the upper right corner of your web browser to go back to the page you were on previously and continue viewing the rest of the materials in the kit.

Viewing Presentations

All presentations on this kit are accessible through ADOBE® Flash® player hence we recommend that you download and install the latest version of the player from the ADOBE® website. Each of the presentations appear on the page with a control bar on the bottom containing 5 icons (left to right): thumbnails, full screen, back, play, forward. These icons allow you to control how you want to view the presentation. To let the presentation run on its own, click on the play button. To go through the slide presentations manually, use the back and the forward buttons. To choose which particular slide you want to view first, click on the thumbnails icon. Click on the full screen icon to enlarge your view of the presentation.